Frequently asked questions

When are tryouts?

Normally, tryouts are held annually in the Fall at the end of September. Now, with current restrictions caused by COVID-19, our 2020-2021 tryouts may be moved to Winter Quarter. Please refer to and our instagram (@cpclubtennis) for more frequent information on tryouts.

What if I can't make it to tryouts?

No problem! Contact us and we will be able to arrange another time for you to try out. We hold alternate tryouts during our regularly scheduled practice time (7-9 pm) at a date to be determined.

How much does Club Tennis cost?

Active members pay dues of $60 per quarter or $150 per year if paid in advance. If players attend tournaments, there can be additional costs to cover food and travel expenses.

How much of a time committment is Club Tennis?

Practices are held Mon-Thurs 7-9 pm, and we travel to tournaments monthly. All practices and tournaments are NOT mandatory, so it is often easily balanced with school or other extracurricular activities. Tournaments are almost exclusively on weekends so they do not interefere with weekly class schedules.

How long is the Club Tennis season?

Club tennis travels and practices year-round.

How does Club Tennis compare to other tennis programs offered at Cal Poly?

Our Cal Poly club tennis team is highly competitive both in our region as well as in the nation. Oftentimes it serves as a great option for those who aren't interested in the commitment of a Division 1 program, while still wanting to compete at a high level. Cal Poly tennis competes against other schools throughout Southern California, whereas intramural teams play only against other Cal Poly players. Also, intramural tennis is more recreational than Club Tennis (but both are very fun!).

What is the average skill level required to make the team?

There is no exact skill level required to make the team. Our team is highly competitive, and many of our players have been playing for several years on their high school varsity teams and in USTA tournaments. With that being said, cuts are still made at tryouts and we encourage all players who do not make the team to continue playing outside of the club team through Intramurals or outside hitting.

When does the team practice?

Practices are Monday-Thursday 7:30-9:30pm. They are non-mandatory but highly encouraged.

What is the best way to reach out if I have questions about the team?

If you are a student, please communicate with us via email through